Just A Picture Or Two

The weather is quiet now so I thought it might be interesting to post a couple of satellite pictures.


The image above shows the amazing lack of active weather over the eastern two thirds of the U.S.


The black and white image above is a zoomed in version of the same image(actually one hour sooner). Most of the grey and white shading in the image is not clouds but snow cover on the ground. Notice the brighter white shading in southeast Pennsylvania, just north of the northern tip in the Chesapeake Bay. That is the snow deposited by a convective snow event late Tuesday and early Wednesday. Tom addressed that in detail in the post below. Also note the “dark spot” in upstate New York. That is the heavily forested Adirondack Park Preserve. The snow cover is masked by the trees. Also notice the bright white shading over Green Bay in Wisconsin and over the western tip of Lake Erie. In both cases, the water is iced over. Parts of western Lake Superior also appear to be iced over.


Now that your eyes are attuned to interpreting satellite images, check out this satellite picture of the British Isles from several days ago. A rare snow storm hit England and the resulting snow cover is quite evident in the picture. Scroll down and read about the storm in one of Tom’s blog entries.

John Collins


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