The Baltimore Snow Drought Continues

With just a trace to 2″ of snow reported across central Maryland today, the snow drought continues for the Baltimore area.  You know it’s bad for snow fans around here when Raleigh, NC has measured more snow this season than Baltimore!  At BWI-Marshall just 2.7″ of snow has fallen this winter, while Raleigh has recorded 3.9″ with the possibility of another 2-3″ tonight.  Here are the numbers that explain why your snow-loving friend has been in such a gloomy mood lately:

Last snowfall of 2″ or more at BWI-Marshall:
2.4″ on January 17, 2008  …  383 days ago!

Last snowfall of 4″ or more at BWI-Marshall:
4.7″ on December 5, 2007  …  426 days ago!!

Last snowfall of 6″ or more at BWI-Marshall:
13.1″ on February 11-12, 2006  …  1,087 days ago!!!

Last snowfall of 20″ or more at BWI-Marshall:
28.2″ on February 15-18, 2003  …  2,177 days ago!!!!

Will the snow drought end in the next few weeks?  Not sure…stay tuned.  In the meantime, try to have compassion on the snow-lovers out there who usually only ask for “just one good storm” each winter.

Tom Tasselmyer


One Response

  1. Wow! those snow drought numbers really put things into prespective! Your blog really gives a good insight on how you guys track and forecast these “tricky” storms. Less than an inch of snow here in Elkton from last nights snow showers. Let’s enjoy the forecasted nice weather this weekend then hope for another snow storm next week.

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