Storm Brewing

Temperatures have been falling from the 50s the area experienced on Friday and now a storm is brewing that will be moving into this colder air.


The morning satellite image shows extensive cloud cover over the eastern U.S. The latest storm is still developing in the Rockies and will begin to take shape in the southern Plaines in the next 24 hours. From there it is expected to move to the Mid Atlantic region. The timeline and forecast track is shown on the map below.


This track may allow the storm to eventually take on the characteristics of a nor’easter but if that happened it would likely be after the storm moved across the Mid Atlantic region.

This storm will be moving into cold air and will probably start up with snow across much of the area.

day2_psnow_gt_04The map above shows the probabilities of at least 4 inches of snow accumulating Tuesday through Wednesday morning. The Baltimore-Washington area northward falls in the 40% range. The track of this storm will allow it to take in plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. 

A storm of this nature will typically draw warmer air in ahead of it but as often happens in the Chesapeake Bay area, cold air will remain trapped east of the mountains for an extended period of time and warmer air will filter in at a slower rate. The area of temperature transition is the area that tends to receive sleet and freezing rain. Because this can happen at a slower rate, icy conditions tend to develop.

day2_pice_gt_25The map above shows the probability of significant ice accumulation Tuesday through Wednesday morning.

The storm really hasn’t taken shape yet and a lot of fine tuning will be necessary before a more specific forecast for the area can be issued. This storm does have the potential to produce snowy and icy conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even small amounts of snow and ice in this region snarls traffic patterns so the storm deserves watching. Several inches of snow accumulation is likely Tuesday and Tuesday evening before sleet and freezing rain enter the picture.


The National Weather Service map above shows the areas under a Winter Storm Watch highlighted in blue. The Watch is in effect Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon.

Tom and Sandra will be tracking the storm’s development on WBAL TV-11 and on WBAL TV-11 Insta-Weather Plus on digital TV-11-2, Comcast Digital 208, and Verizon FiOS 460. And of course all of the storm information will be continuously updated on

John Collins


2 Responses

  1. I have been watching Baltimore weather now for 46 years. I truly think that we may be in for a surprise. We have been noticing all of the weatherpeople’s reluctance to put a solid forecast out there today. Albeit, I am a teacher and we LOVE snow days! Our kids and staff are wearing inside out pajamas tonight and we all wrote tomorrow’s date on the board. This is our way of solidifying a few snow days! Baltimore is WAY overdue for a main event. May this be one of them!

  2. My dogs and I have been doing a snow dance every day since the teaser we got last week!

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