Not As Cold

The coldest air is retreating as a more zonal weather pattern develops across the U.S.

latestfull2NASA Satellite Image Thursday, Jan 22, 2009, Late Morning

The satellite image above shows the relatively quiet weather over the western hemisphere.


The morning weather map show that the only significant storms are over U.S./Canadian border just east of the Rockies and off the north Baja California coast. The more zonal weather pattern is expected to push the northern of the two storms along a more northerly track over the next couple of days, targeting the Great Lakes and eastern Canada, allowing our weather to remain relatively quiet.

Take note of the intense high pressure building up over the Yukon and Northwest Territories of Canada. Cold temperatures will intensify in this region over the next week or so and long range models indicate that the dense air will eventually surge southeastward by the end of January. For the Mid Atlantic region this means a return to colder, more unsettled weather.

Speaking of cold and unsettled. A check of the Baltimore record books shows that today’s record low temperature was -7 degrees, set back in 1984. This is one of three times the temperature reached -7 in January, the coldest on record. Also, on this date in 1987, 12.3 inches of snow fell. That is the record for the date and one of five January snowfalls in excess of 10 inches to fall in Baltimore.

John Collins


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