Frigid Air Mass Pushing South

tt_am_lows_14jan09 tt_recent_cold

Low temperatures Wednesday morning were below zero across much of the upper midwest, great lakes and northeastern United States as the coldest air of winter, so far, continues to press south.  The “Ice Box” of the nation, typically thought of as International Falls, Minnesota, fell to a record tying 42° below zero and couldn’t even claim the title of “coldest in the nation” this morning.  That dubious honor went to Embarrass, Minnesota, where the thermometer registered a numbing -47°.  Could 50 below zero be within reach tonight?  With arctic high pressure still moving south from central Canada, clear skies, ligher winds and about 20″ of snow on the ground…the Thursday morning might be even colder.

Around here, our coldest day would appear to be coming on Friday.  We may not get out of the teens for afternoon high temperatures, which has not happened at our official weather station at BWI-Marshall airport since January of 2004.  The coldest single temperature reading probably will occur Saturday morning when most areas will drop into the single digits.  Bundle up and don’t forget to check on neighbors who might need a warm place to hang out for a couple days.  Remember to provide a warm spot and some ice-free water for your pets too!

Tom Tasselmyer


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