The Chill Continues

Temperatures have certainly taken a turn in November. The first half of the month was relatively mild with most daily high temperatures at or above the seasonal average. Readings took an abrupt turn mid month. The high temperature on November 15 was 73 degrees and the high on the next day was 22 degrees colder. Readings have continued to tumble and it appears the pattern is firmly in place.

Sunday morning temperatures took a very cold turn in the northeast U.S. with a scattering of single digit low readings.


A preliminary survey of lows across the United States turned up the fact the the Elkins, West Virginia low of 5 degrees was the coldest reading in the lower 48 states.

On Monday, southerly winds ahead of an approaching storm will bring temperatures “close to normal” for a day or so but on average it will remain unseasonably cold.

This string of cold readings will include Thanksgiving. Typically, November 27 would register high temperatures in the low 50s and lows around freezing. The record high for the date is 74, set in 1896 and it looks like temperatures will be running 20-25 degrees colder than that this time around. If it is any consolation, the record low maximum temperature for November 27 is 30 degrees, set in 1903. Thankfully it looks like it will be warmer than that with forecast highs close to 50 degrees.

John Collins


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