Stormy Thursday

Tom’s previous blog pointed out the unusual circumstance of three types of storms now churning in the northern portion of the western hemisphere. Below, the Thursday morning visible satellite image shows these three very different storms.

vcg12-16012008311NASA Visible Satellite Image


  • A large scale storm is spinning in the Northern Plains, generating rain on its’ east and south flank and blizzard conditions on its’ north flank.
  • Tropical Storm Paloma is strengthening in the western Caribbean and is forecast to move north and cross eastern Cuba as a hurricane.
  • The coastal storm off the Mid Atlantic coast will begin to move to the northeast today.


I wanted to post two interesting satellite pictures of the eastern seaboard storm.

goes16322008310ydcpchNASA Visible Satellite Image Wednesday Morning

The image above shows the coastal storm position Wednesday morning. The storm has a dry slot on its’ eastern flank but the swirl of clouds around the center of the storm is clearly visible off Cape Hatteras.

goes16012008311pylzssNASA Visible Satellite Image Thursday Morning

The satellite image above shows that the center of the storm is completely enclosed in clouds and is centered off the lower DELMARVA Peninsula. It almost looks like a tropical storm or hurricane except that it has no tropical characteristics despite the fact that it is moving through the relatively mild environment that covers the entire eastern U.S. and western Atlantic.

That big storm out in the Plains and Mississippi Valley will be moving in Saturday and it will become decidedly colder by the end of the weekend.

John Collins


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