Wednesday Tropics

Four tropical weather systems are still active over the U.S. and Atlantic Wednesday morning.

Gustav remnants continue the produce rain over the south-central U.S.

Tropical Storms Ike and Josephine spin out in the central and eastern Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Hanna, essentially stalled near Haiti, is of most concern for the for the Bahamas and the U.S. eastern seaboard. All indications are that Hanna will be on the move and will eventually regain hurricane strength.

Computer models are in general agreement on Hanna’s path but there is still some question as to the precise point of landfall and subsequent track over the east coast. The NOAA computer model ensemble below shows the track possibilities of the various computer models.

A graphic taken from the NOAA GFS model run for a single point in time shows a possible position and related rainfall for Hanna on Saturday afternoon.

This position is a bit north and west of the official track forecast by the National Hurricane Center.

The intensity of Hanna is another question and computer model ensembles are not in total agreement, as demonstrated by the cart below.

“Plot provided courtesy of Jonathan Vigh, Colorado State University. For more information about this graphic, click here.” 

What does all of this mean for Maryland? A chance for rain, possibly as early as Friday, most likely on Saturday. The remnants of these tropical systems can be soakers and squally conditions with heavy rain are possible. The area could use a little more rain so this is not totally bad news, as long as things don’t get too extreme.

For the latest update on tropical weather check our Hurricane Tracker at

John Collins


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