Record Rainfall

This weekend the Mid Atlantic region is sitting high and dry while Tropical Storm Fay continues to dump buckets of rain on Florida. Back in 1933 the situation was reversed as the “Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane moved across the area.

Tropical systems were not named in those days and this storm is on the record books as Hurricane #8. It was what would now be considered a category three storm and the eye passed directly over Norfolk, VA as it moved inland. The storm proceeded to move northward along the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Tropical Storm strength. The storm caused millions of dollars in damage to buildings and crops across the region as well as 30 fatalities.

In Baltimore, 7.62 inches of rain was recorded on August 23 as the storm approached the Chesapeake Bay. That is the all-time record rainfall in Baltimore for a 24 hour period.

This is the same storm that opened the Ocean City Inlet between the resort town and Assateague Island.

The National Weather Service map below compiled by Paul Kocin shows the regional rainfall totals from the storm.


So far this Hurricane season the Mid Atlantic region has avoided tropical downpours. Tropical Storm Fay has been traversing Florida this past week with rains in the 10-20+ inch range. Moisture from Fay may eventuall reach Maryland by the end of the coming week but it should not be nearly as extreme as the rains of the past week or the rains back in 1933.

For the latest on Fay check our Hurricane Tracker at

John Collins


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