Coolest Summer Ever? In Alaska!

Here in Baltimore the measuring stick for summer heat is the 90 degree mark. Three consecutive days in the 90s is generally considered to be a “heat wave”, and of course, the heat can go on much longer when the stubborn Bermuda High won’t budge. So, it might be hard to relate to a place where summer’s “warmth” is measured by the number of days the temperature hits 65! Welcome to southern Alaska!

When my family visited the 49th state on a cruise in the summer of 2004 we didn’t realize how odd and entire week of warm, sunny days was. I remember standing in sunny downtown Juneau sweating in record setting 85 degree heat. This year, however, the chill has returned to Alaska and apparently the natives are having a hard time re-adjusting. The headline in the Anchorage Daily News flashes: “Gloomy summer headed toward infamy”. Here in Baltimore we’ve had 19 days of temperatures at 90 or higher, so far this summer. In Anchorage, they haven’t had a day above 72 yet and they’ve hit the Alaskan benchmark for warmth, 65 degrees, just seven times! Here’s the link the the Anchorage Daily News story:

Tom Tasselmyer


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