Tropics Becoming Active.

The tropical waters have become quite active.

Bertha continues the churn to the northeast in the Atlantic. The storm is lined up to strike Iceland but is expected to dissipate before reaching the island.

Dolly developed in the northwest Caribbean Sunday and will be moving toward the northwest across the Yucatan. The forecast track takes the storm close the the southern tip of Texas in a few day and Dolly may reach hurricane strength by then.

Fausto is in the eastern Pacific and is not a threat to land areas.

Cristobal will be moving across Cape Hatteras in the pre dawn hours of Monday as a tropical storm. Cristobal is expected to continue moving northeast and should not pose a direct threat to the DELMARVA Peninsula. There is a moderate risk for strong rip currents at Ocean City and near shore waves are expected to run at 2-3 feet.

Below is a visible light satellite image of Cristobal on Sunday evening. At this time the eye of the storm was about 25 miles southwest of Cape Hatteras. Sustained winds in the storm were close to 50mph. Most of the rain associated with Cristobal has remained south and east of the storm center.

The sinking air around the periphery of Cristobal combined with a northwest breeze coming out of the mountains should help to minimize the chance of rain on Monday. A cold front will be in the area Tuesday and thunderstorm chances will increase.

For the latest on tropical storm and hurricane activity, check out our hurricane page at

John Collins


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