The Heat Wave Continues

We are two days into our first heat wave of the season and we have failed to tie or break the record high temperatures Tom wrote about in the previous blog. This is not a record one strives to go after but as long as it is going to be so darn uncomfortable we might as well go for it.

It looks like the hot, humid streak will last two more days. Monday’s record of 98 appears vulnerable. Tuesday’s record high of 97 might be a little tougher to reach. A cold front will be getting closer and partly cloudy skies may hold the temperatures in the low 90s.

That front and the potential for thunderstorms will eventually break the heat wave and highs are expected to be in the 80s with lower humidity the rest of the week.

All this talk of record heat made me think of the magic number….100 degrees. The earliest in the season we reach that benchmark in the record books is June 5th with a reading of 101, set back in 1925. The June records show that Baltimore has reached the century mark or higher seven times. The hottest of those was 105 degrees set on June 29, 1934.

In the Mid Atlantic region it is the high humidity that makes these hot days so uncomfortable. The best suggestion I can offer is to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids and hang tough until Wednesday.

John Collins


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