Spring Continues Unsettled

I have noticed that folks seem a bit disappointed in the weather over the past few weeks. Expectations are high this time of year for sunshine and warmer temperatures. In reality, the transition months of March and April tend to be unsettled and that has certainly been the case this year.

The central and western U.S. has received the worst of the stormy weather with snow, rain and flooding and the southeast has had a couple of rounds of severe storm activity. The Mid Atlantic region has missed out on major storms so far but has had its’ fair share of cloudy, windy and chilly days.

Precipitation for the year remains below average with a 2.32 inch shortfall but as of today(4/6), the month of April is running .46 inches above average. Combining 2007 and 2008, the region continues way off the mark for precipitation and it would be beneficial to get some good rains before summer.

A La Nina related weather pattern continues over the Pacific Ocean and has been a major contributer to the stormy spring over much of the U.S. The waters over the equatorial Pacific and the associated La Nina contitions are expected to continue cooler than average into the summer months.

For April, the Mid Atlantic region is likely to see “Equal Chances” of above or below normal temperatures with this La Nina while much of the southern U.S. will likely experience “Above Average” temperatures. The Pacific Northwest should be on the chilly side of average.

As far as April precipitation is concerned, it is expected that stormy weather will continue to generate above average precipitation in the central and northern U.S. while the Mid Atlantic region will have “Equal Chances” for above or below normal precipitation.

It is early spring after all and anything is possible. You might remember April 7 (tomorrow) last year. The low temperature was 31 and the high was only 40. It was a little windy and .2 inches of snow fell. Clouds and drizzle don’t seem that bad after all.

John Collins


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