March 2008


The month of March is in the record books and at Baltimore’s official weather station it checks in a little warmer than normal. This was the first March since 2000 that did not have any snow at BWI-Marshall. The month was also drier than normal with regard to total rain and melted snow, continuing a flip-flop pattern of dry and wet months which started back in September of last year:

September 2007: 3.63″ below normal precip.

October 2007: 2.69″ above normal precip.

November 2007: 1.60″ below normal precip.

December 2007: 0.68″ above normal precip.

January 2008: 2.00″ below normal precip.

February 2008: 0.78″ above normal preicp.

March 2008: 1.56″ below normal preicp.

What will April bring? There is no clear climate signal on which to base a long range forecast this month. In fact, the official 30 day outlook from the National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is calling for equal chances of warm and cold weather for the month, as well as, equal chances of dry or wet weather.

Tom Tasselmyer


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