Clock Is Ticking For Snow Lovers

As we head for mid March, turn the clocks forward to daylight savings time again and the sun starts to feel a little warmer, snow lovers like me start getting antsy.  Time is running out for one last blast of winter!  In fact, with the memory of this past weekend’s storm fresh in our minds, it’s tempting to think, like one emailer today named Fergie, that this winter has been very wet.  However, the statistics listed below, for December, January, February and the first 10 days of March show drier than normal conditions.  Snowfall, while just about half of what is normal (8.5″ vs. 16.7″ through March 10th), is not even in the top 10 for least snowy winters in Baltimore.

As for getting a big snow before spring really takes hold….we’ve had big snowstorms up until the end of March and the latest a snowflake has ever been recorded here is May 9, 1923.  So there’s still a chance, fleeting as it may be, for snow lovers to enjoy one more.

Tom Tasselmyer
Dec.-Jan.-Feb.-Mar. precipitation:  10.74″  which is 0.38″ below normal

Baltimore’s 10 Least Snowy Winters
1949-50        0.7″
1972-73        1.2″
2001-2002    2.3″
1997-1998    3.2″
1958-1959    4.0″
1918-1919    4.0″
1991-1992    4.1″
1931-1932    4.2″
1980-1981    4.6″
1889-1890    4.9″


2 Responses

  1. like all the other snow lovers have been watching and waiting all winter for the big snow, sadly i just don’t think it will happen this year.But i still have my snow shovel on my front porch…Just in case!! Hey it could happen…Right?

  2. Tom

    I recorded only 8.1″ in Elkton this year. I’m a snow lover too but now that the days are longer and that Easter is almost here I say bring on the warm weather! When I get home now and it’s still daylight I’m thinking it’s time to light up the grill.

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