Monday Record Breaker?

Arctic air now has a solid grip on the Mid Atlantic Region. Sunday was raw with daytime temperatures stuck in the low 20s. The Sunday high was 34, recorded just after midnight. The low around daybreak was 19 but with falling evening temperatures the actual low for the day will be recorded just before midnight.

The Monday morning low temperature is expected to be the coldest of the season. The January 4th low of 15 degrees is the coldest it has been so far this winter. Monday morning’s temperatures are expected to range from the single digits (above zero) into the low teens. The question is, will a record be broken?


The answer is, not likely. This is the time of year that it is tough to break the low records unless below zero readings are in the forecast. Thirteen of the January record lows are below zero and six are below zero in February.

The all-time low in the official Baltimore records is -7. This reading was recorded on several dates:

January 17, 1982
January 22, 1984
January 29, 1963
February 9, 1934
February 10, 1899

It looks like the best we will be able to do Monday is settle for the coldest temperature so far this winter season and let it go at that.

John Collins


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