Looking back at 2007, the most significant weather was the lack of rain during the second half of the year. Generally speaking the mid Atlantic region receives some generous rains from the remnants of tropical storms or hurricanes. That was not the case this year. The hurricane season was relatively quiet and the storms that did develop did not target this area. Despite the dry conditions overall, soaking rains in October made it the 14th. wettest on record. All-in-all, 2007 will go down in the record books as receiving only 34.97 inches of precipitation. That is 6.97 inches below average. Snowfall totaled 14.81 inches. None of the storms that produced the snows were blockbusters.

The start of 2008 will feel more winterlike thanks to an approaching storm. In the predawn hours of Tuesday a cold front will generate a few rain or snow showers. The precipitation should be mostly light and scattered but it is what follows the front that will get everyone’s attention. A healthy shot of cold air will move in on strong west-northwest winds. The arctic blast will be with us for the first few days of the new year.

Those winds will also push moisture up against the mountains just to our west and some significant snow is likely in western Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia on Tuesday and Wednesday. That’s good news for the ski areas that have suffered from a lack of snow for the past couple of seasons.

From all of us at WBAL-TV 11 Insta-Weather Plus, have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Tom Tasselmyer, John Collins, Neal Estano, Sandra Shaw & Jay Kendrick


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