Beware The Snows of December 5th!

A few WBAL-TV viewers with great memories emailed to mention the strange propensity for snow in the Baltimore area on December 5th. Digging into the record books revealed that indeed, these astute viewers were right! Check out the snow stats for December 5th at BWI-Marshall over the past 6 years:

Dec. 5, 2002: 7.4″
Dec. 5, 2003: 3.0″ (Dec. 5th and 6th storm total: 6.8″)
Dec. 5, 2005: 1.4″ (Dec. 5th and 6th storm total: 3.3″)
Dec. 5, 2007: 1.9″ (BWI late afternoon total so far)

Four of the past six years have had snow on the 5th of December.

Pam Poland and Kelley Atkinson sent notes wondering if there was some sort of strange meteorological phenomenon that has made December 5th such a snowy day in the 21st century. I couldn’t find any peculiar jet stream, El Nino, La Nina or North Atlantic Oscillation configuration to explain it. Then, an email arrived from “A mom in Glen Arm” that answered all of the meteorological questions. She explained that December 5th is her son’s birthday and she always tells him she will give him snow for his birthday gift. Wow, what a mom! Now we know why it always seems to snow on December 5th around here!

Tom Tasselmyer


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