Big Storm Season

It was a quiet weekend with some chilly temperatures. Saturday morning’s low of 22 stands as the coldest reading of the season so far.

A storm is coming out of the Gulf coast region and is headed this way. The center of the storm will pass just to the west of Baltimore and this means that we will be on the warm side with rain in the forecast. Some areas may receive around an inch of rain.

We are moving into a season that can produce some powerful storms over the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern U.S.

Two memorable storms struck the region on November 25. In 1950 a huge storm generated 57 inches of snow at Pickens, W.Va. and 3 feet of snow in parts of Ohio. Wind gusts over 100mph hit New Jersey and parts of New England. Another storm in 1971(Thanksgiving that year) dumped 1-2 feet of snow over interior portions of the Mid Atlantic and New England. In Baltimore this storm generated 2.41 inches of rain over a two day period and winds gusted to 42 mph.

The question, is anything significant in the outlook over the next few weeks? Long range forecasting is far from reliable regarding specifics but some models hint that a couple of respectible storms could sweep across the area over the next three weeks that have a potential to develop into nor’easters. Indications at this early stage are that these storms (if they develop) would have their biggest impact on New England. The chart below shows a potential storm moving out over the coast a little over a week from now. Note the tightly packed isobars indicating very low pressure and strong winds.

Computer model accuracy improves in the shorter term so we’ll have to wait a few days to see how things play out. Tune us in every day on TV-11, on Insta-Weather Plus or on

John Collins


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