A Different Response To Climate Change

The New York Times had an interesting article by John Tierney in the September 11th edition entitled, ‘Feel Good’ vs. ‘Do Good’ on Climate. It does a nice job in taking a fresh look at how to cope with climate change.

Since the climate never stays the same, is it a waste of time and resources to take drastic measures trying to change it? Would it be better to institute policies that create stronger, wealthier societies that are better prepared for the inevitable climate change? John Tierney talks with a Danish born political scientist named Bjorn Lomborg who says, “…weather matters a lot less than how people respond to it….the best strategy…is to make the rest of the world as rich as New York, so that people elsewhere can afford to do things like shore up their coastlines and buy air conditioners.”

When nearly all of the climate change news is centered on so-called carbon offsets and ways to stop the climate from doing what it has always done (change!), this article is a welcome new perspective. It can be read on the New York Times website.

Tom Tasselmyer


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