Gabrielle … Saturday

Gabrielle was upgraded to tropical storm status late Saturday afternoon. The storm has not really strengthened but its’ structure has come more in line with that of a tropical cyclone.

Despite the technical upgrade, Gabrielle continues to have difficulty organizing thunderstorm activity around its’ eye. The storm is expected to brush the Outer Banks of North Carolina late Sunday and then turn to the northeast with storm force winds of about 50mph. With the exception of slightly higher than normal high tides on the Bay, Garbrielle should have minimal impact on the Baltimore area. In fact, the subsidence field around the storm contributed to the beautiful, albeit warm and humid weather in the region Saturday.

The weather chart below is the GFDL model from Saturday afternoon showing the potential track of the storm in relation to sea surface temperatures.

The storm will spend considerable time over water temperatures in the low-mid 80s, even after it turns to the northeast. The projected track moves the storm along the edge of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, giving the system an added boost.

The next 24 hours will be critical in Garbrielle’s development. Check out this web site, WBAL-TV InstaWeather Plus on WBAL-DT 11.2, Comcast Digital 208 and Verizon FiOS 860 and on our regular newscasts on TV 11 for updates.

John Collins


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