Too Dry For Some

Despite some rainfall in the past week, not everyone has been treated equally. A couple of examples make the point. On July 10, BWI-Marshall Airoprt received 1.84″ rainfall while the Inner Harbor measured only .40″ and TV Hill received only .26″. On Thursday, July 11, a very small storm cell past over Ellicott City and produced .29″ of rain in a brief period, the airport received only .10″, the Inner Harbor.01″ and TV Hill 0.00″.

Officially, BWI-Marshall stands at 2.84″ rainfall for July, 1.39″ above average for the month but 2.52″ short for the year. The only reason July shows above average rainfall is the heavy rain that hit the area around the airport Tuesday while other areas received substantially less rain.

The spotty nature of the recent rain is fairly typical in the summer and it really takes the occasional remnant of a tropical weather system to keep the rainfall averages up and keep agricultural interests out of trouble. As of today(July 13)the stress of drought conditions is being felt most intensly in Maryland south of Annapolis and Washington where “moderate drought” conditions exist. The rest of the state continues to experience “abnormally dry” conditions.

The weather pattern over the next week is expected to produce some periods of rain, probably scattered in nature. A break in the marginal drought conditions is not likely but some relief should help out some of the lawns and gardens is the area.

John Collins


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