Turning Up The Heat

We are now into the second significant heat wave of this summer season. The last was a three day affair back in June. This one is expected to be a bit longer and have a little more punch to it.

The high temperatures Saturday and Sunday were 90 and 94 respectively but it was reasonably comfortable because the dewpoint temperatures held in the 50s during the day. The really steamy conditions kick in when dewpoint readings reach into the 60s to around 70 and it looks like that starts on Monday. The combination of high temperatures and high humidity make it hard for the body’s cooling system to work efficiently.

Will it get hot enough to tie or break any heat records? Probably not. Sunday BWI-Marshall was 6 degrees short of the 1993 record of 100. Monday’s record is 103, set in 1936. There is a small chance that the official airport high could reach 100 but upper 90s is more likely. Tuesday’s record high of 107 set in 1936 is also the all-time record high for Baltimore. A temperature that hot is rare in this area and this heat wave is not likely to be that extreme. Tuesday’s high temperatures will likely be affected by some cloudiness and possibly some isolated thunderstorm activity and temperatures in the mid-upper 90s are expected. Wednesday’s record is 100 set in 1988 and we are expecting highs in the mid 90s.

Even if records are not threatened it will be very hot and high humidity levels will make it feel worse. Just take it easy and try to keep cool. Temperatures by the end of the week are expected to return to more seasonal readings in the mid 80s.

John Collins


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