Relief From The Heat Of A Maryland Summer

With more heat and humidity headed for the Baltimore area this week everyone will be looking for relief in the form of air-conditioning, a fan or even just a little shade, and it’s weather patterns like this one that remind us why Maryland’s far eastern and western resort towns become so poplular in summer. The dramatic cooling affects of the Atlantic at Ocean City (current surf temp: 67), or the higher elevations around Deep Creek Lake become even more pronounced when the Baltimore area is sweltering under the influence of the Bermuda High off the coast. Four times this month BWI-Marshall has topped 90 degrees and on each of those days the mountains around McHenry, MD were 12-14 degrees cooler! The coast near Ocean City was much more comfortable on two of those hot days. Here’s a look at the high temperature comparisons for the hottest days this month:

June 1: BWI: 91 McHenry: 79 Ocean City: 78
June 8: BWI: 95 McHenry: 81 Ocean City: 91
June 18: BWI: 94 McHenry: 82 Ocean City: 89
June 19: BWI: 92 McHenry: 78 Ocean City: 81

Last week my family had a chance to spend a couple nights with friends at their mountain home situated at 2400′ above sea level overlooking Deep Creek Lake. The days were cool, with highs in the 60s, and the nights actually got chilly, with morning lows of 40-46. Perhaps a bit too chilly for those who like the warmth of June but perfect for those of us who enjoy a break from the long mid-Atlantic summer…including the black bear who arrived without an invitation! (Picture by Doug Miller)

Tom Tasselmyer


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