Heating Up

After five days of ideal weather with pleasant temperatures and low humidity the area will see the other side of a Mid Atlanic summer. Heat & humidity will be returning this week.

Dewpoint temperatures will be rising through the 60s on Monday and hover near 70 on Tuesday and Wednesday. These high dewpoint readings are the hallmark of a tropical airmass and all that goes with it. Hot air temperatures usually accompany these high dewpoints but in this particular situation the actual air temperature will be regulated by the amount of cloud cover. The air mass is expected to be unstable and it won’t take much to generate periods of cloudiness at the peak of the day’s heating potential. Additionally, storms west of the mountains will push eastward and the residual ripples of “energy” that survive the trip across the mountains may be enough to push the instability into scattered storm development east of the mountains. This will be especially true on Monday with more isolated activity likely on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday a cold front will approach and the rain chances go up considerably. It should be more comfortable after the cold front passes.

The area has become a little parched and some rain would be welcome at this time. At BWI-Marshall the rainfall this month stands at 2.00″, .73″ below the 30 year average. It may not seem like much of a shortfall but most of the rain this month has come in small installments. The last good soaker over the whole area was on June 3.

The upshot … be prepared for some heat and humidity and don’t leave the windows open if you are going to leave the house or car for any length of time.

John Collins


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