Summer Starts … Officially

Summer officially arrives Thursday afternoon at 2:06pm. and you couldn’t ask for better weather. The passage of Wednesday’s cold front allowed a cooler and much less humid air mass to slip into the region from the northwest. The upper air flow will continue to push the pleasant air our way right into the weekend. Dewpoint temperatures are expected to remain in the 40s and 50s until Monday. At that time, hazy, hot & humid conditions return with dewpoint temperatures juming into the 60s on Monday & Tuesday to around 70 on Wednesday.

The Wednesday cold front generated some thunderstorm activity but the the rain fall was spotty. We could have used more. One severe thunderstorm was reported nearby. Northwest Montgomery County and southern Frederick county received reports of some tree and powerline damage and a small area received rains in excess of one inch by radar estimates. Officially at BWI-Marshall .17″ of rain was recorded, bringing the June rain total to 1.82″, .47″ below the 30 year average. This year the airport has received 16.45″ rain, 3.15″ below average. The storm produced only .03″ at the Science Center and on TV Hill.

We are a little parched but we are not in a drought situation. Officially, north central and western Maryland are “abnormally dry”. Severe drought conditions are evident just to our southwest as shown on the latest drought monitor map.

A little rain wouldn’t hurt but it looks like the first few days of official summer will be dry and pleasant. Enjoy it while we have it.


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