The Pattern Continues

Yesterday I posted a satellite picture showing a large storm circulating off the east coast of the United States. This storm, combined with high pressure over the Great Lakes, is channeling northerly winds over the Mid Atlantic region. The large scale wind flow plus marine moisture from the Atlantic generated today’s clouds and below normal temperatures. A few locations received drizzle or light rain showers.

It looks like we will be stuck between these two weather features for a few more days. On Monday the circulation from the Great Lakes high pressure may be a bit more dominant, resulting in a little more sunshine and a reduced rain chance, although afternoon heating of the atmosphere may pop a few isolated thundershowers. Tuesday it is likely that more marine moisture could drift over the area. That combined with a weak disturbance will increase the chances for scattered thunderstorms. None of this rain looks like it will be particularly significant. The maps at the top are produced by the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center of the National Weather Service. The top map is the Sunday evening surface map showing the high pressure over the Great Lakes and the low pressure center off the U.S. and Canadian coast. The other map is the prediction for precipitation totals through Tuesday evening. It is fairly easy to see the channeling of moisture along the eastern seaboard between the Great Lakes high and the Atlantic low.

In addition to the chances for scattered rains this pattern may produce it looks like temperatures will be held in check and run at or below average for the season for at least the first half of the coming week.

Have a good week.

John Collins


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