Less Humid Weekend

The Friday high at BWI-Marshall was 95 and it was humid. It felt like a record breaker but we were two degrees short of the mark. As is almost always the case in the Mid Atlantic region, it is the humidity that makes the difference. After one day of sultry summer conditions we are in for some relief. A cool front passing through on Saturday will bring in less humid air from the Great Lakes region with a promise of comfortable conditions.

The only fly in the ointment could be a large scale and stalled out storm system in the northwest Atlantic (see the Saturday morning satellite picture). The front and associated clouds and rain will be stuck just off shore, unable to move on due to the blocking of the larger scale storm. There is an indication on some computer models that circulation around the large storm may push some clouds westward, onto the Eastern Shore and perhaps a bit west of the Bay late Saturday or on Sunday. Some of those clouds could produce a sprinkle or brief shower although the chances are very small. Disturbances rotating around the western edge of that storm are what we will be watching for.

Well, that’s the dilemma for this weekend’s weather. On the whole, things look fine and the odds favor great weather.

John Collins


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