More Like Spring

The past week has felt a bit more like the spring we all know and love. Daytime temperatures have been warming up and readings are much closer to normal for the season. It looks like that trend will continue in the coming week. In fact we should wind up with above average temperatures by the end of the week.

Precipitation is a different story. Rainfall has been a bit skimpy recently and not evenly distributed. The most significant recent rain was last Wednesday, ranging from .21″ to .52″. This was not enought to stop a rising shortfall over the area. As of Sunday, May 20, BWI-Marshall is running 1.54″ below average on rain for the month and 1.27″ below average for the year. The pattern for the week ahead is not a wet one and the next best rain chance is next weekend.

Just what is “normal” for this time of year? The average low temperature for today is 53 and rises to 55 by Saturday. The average high for today is 75 and jumps to 77 by Saturday. On average, rainfall in the coming week would total .91″.

The weather for the coming week is expected to be warmer and generally dry but an approaching cold front could bring some rain by late Saturday, although it may not amount to much. Even though some rain would be ideal at this stage, the week ahead should be pleasant. Enjoy.

John Collins


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