It has been more than a month since the last flakes of snow were spotted around here (0.2″ on April 7th), but for snow lovers the”season” comes to an official close today. It was on this day, May the 9th back in 1923 that the latest recorded snowflake was observed in Baltimore. Never, in the 130+ years of official weather records for Baltimore, has snow fallen after May the 9th. So, the final numbers for the 2006-2007 season will show 11.0″ inches of snow measured at BWI-Marshall, which is 7.2″ below the 30 year average. The snowfall deficit was all a result of the warm January, during which less than 1″ of snow fell in a month that typically produces about 7″ of snow. After January, the winter settled into a fairly typical mid-Atlantic pattern. Here’s the monthly snowfall breakdown:

Nov. 2006: 0
Dec. 2006: Trace
Jan. 2007: 0.9″
Feb. 2007: 8.5″
Mar. 2007: 1.4″
Apr. 2007: 0.2″

With Baltimore’s earliest observed snow coming on October 9th, back in 1979, next “season” is exactly five months away. Hang in there snow fans!

Tom Tasselmyer


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