Getting Dry .. Spring Chill .. Developing Storm

It has been a while since we’ve had a good rain in the area. A region wide soaker produced almost 4 inches of rain over a five day period in mid April. It is now 21 days since that happened and in that time we have received only .62″ of rain. Statistically the area is 1.58″ above normal for rainfall since March 1 but .66″ below normal for the month of May. The reserve that the excessive April rainfall produced is being drawn down rapidly at this point. It appears that the next best rain chance is at the end of the week and may produce only scattered results. Plants in areas that have soils with poor moisture retention could begin to experience some stress so keep an eye on the lawn and garden.

A bubble of dry, chilly Canadian air has once again moved into the area with the prospect for a brief shot of unseasonably chilly temperatures. Frost and freeze conditions are possible to the west. Cold sensitive plants that have already been put outside may need some protection for the next couple of nights.

A weather disturbance is developing off the southeast coast of the U.S. This disturbance will be stalled over the Gulf Stream for several days and will likely strengthen a bit before it finally washes out. Because it will be over the relatively warm waters of the Gulf Stream there is a small chance that the disturbance could begin to take on some tropical characteristics. No matter how things turn out it is a reminder that the hurricane season officially begins in less than a month and it expected to be a busy one.

John Collins


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