Coldest February In 28 Years, 11th Coldest All Time

Even with a couple of relatively mild days to finish off the month, February 2007 will go into the record books as the coldest February in Baltimore since 1979. With a morning low of 28F today and an afternoon high of 50F, the average temperature at BWI-Marshall for the past 28 days is 29.1F, the 11th coldest average February temperature since official weather records started back in 1871. The coldest Februarys are:

1. 1934: 24.3F
2. 1979: 25.6F
3. 1895: 26.2F
4. 1905: 27.3F
4. 1978: 27.3F
5. 1963: 27.8F
6. 1899: 28.0F
7. 1885: 28.5F
8. 1904: 28.6F
9. 1907: 28.8F
10. 1958: 28.9F
11. 2007: 29.1F

So, how will March begin? The 30 year average for the first week of March has highs around 50 and lows around 30, but it looks like temperatures will average just a little below these norms for the first week of March 2007. A strong storm moving through on Thursday and Friday will also bring a chance for more than 1″ of rain in the first couple days of the month. A cool and wet start to March seems to be coming.

Tom Tasselmyer


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