The Storm Is Here

Finally found some time to sit and jot down a few thoughts. The storm is not behaving exactly as originally thought but it is pretty much running on schedule.

Overnight temperatures (Saturday-Sunday) were generally above freezing by a few degrees (unexpected) and the air was very dry (expected). The morning sounding at Dulles Airport showed the temperature at 850mb at freezing.As the precipitation started between 9-10am in Baltimore, the atmosphere at the surface chilled to just below freezing, allowing for more persistent snow and generally light accumulations around the metro area. Morning snow totals in the Virginia and West Virginia mountains were in the 3-6 inch range.

The main storm center is headed for the Great Lakes but some of the storm’s “energy” is expected to contribute to the development of a low pressure area near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. This should prolong the chance for precipitation and allow some time for warmer air to move in and bring a changeover to mixed precipitation.
A tongue of dry air is being drawn into the storm and a break in the precipitation is not out of the question but at the same time (1:45pm) a band of heavy precipitation has developed over the DELMARVA, rain at the south end and heavy snow at the north end, reaching across the Bay into Baltimore and Annapolis. This storm is throwing us a few curve balls. I’m glad I mentioned a possible accumulation of 1-3 inches of snow. At 2:oopm the snow is 2 inches deep here on TV Hill and still going.
More later.
John Collins


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