February Temperature Update

A quick update and slightly different skew to Tom’s February temperature figures below. National Weather Service records indicate that as of February 17, the official reporting stations in Baltimore over the past 137 years position this February in 9th place for the lowest average temperature with 24.9 degrees.

As Tom mentioned, the situation will be changing this week as the jet stream will be repositioning itself. By mid week it will be oriented in a more west to east alignment, allowing milder air to filter into the region from the southwest. By next weekend, a major storm will be cranking up over the central U.S. and the jet stream will be running from a southwest to northeast direction. This should drive the temperatures into the above normal range, at least temporarily. Computer models keep the temperatures high next weekend but as that storm approaches, easterly winds off of the Atlantic may set up a “cold air damming” situation and pull the temperatures back to below normal as well as generate clouds, drizzle and light rain. It will take a few days to fine tune this aspect of the forecast and see if the models grab hold of this idea. Enjoy the warm-up.

John Collins


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