Clipper Delivers 1-2" Here, Lake Effect Dumps 100" On Oswego

The fast moving Alberta Clipper continues to move farther off the mid Atlantic coast this afternoon. Snowfall reports were mostly in the 1-2″ range for central and eastern Maryland. A few locations checked in with slightly more, like Wolfsville in Frederick Co. with 4″, Chestertown on the eastern shore with 3.5″, Sykesville had 2.5″, Parkville measured 2.4″ and Reisterstown had 2.3″. The snow was extremely light and fluffy with a very high snow to liquid ratio. That is, it didn’t take much liquid water to produce that fluffy 2″ of snow. A typical mid Atlantic snowstorm will produce about 10″ of snow for every 1″ of liquid precipitation. This morning’s storm seems to have had a 30:1, 40:1 or even higher ratio. It will be interesting to see the official snowfall report form BWI-Marshall when it comes out this evening. The airport only reported .03″ of melted precipitation. If they ended up with about 1.8″ of snow, that would be a 60:1 liquid to snow ratio! About 6 times what we normally see! When I worked in Cleveland we called this kind of snow “arctic fluff”. Speaking of fluff…the arctic air sweeping over Lake Ontario continues to produce intense lake effect snowbands. Snowfall rates of 2-3″ per hour are expected near Oswego, NY today. They may get another 1-3 feet of snow today with storm totals since last weekend pushing toward 100″!! Can you even imagine living through a 100″ snowstorm? Oh, in case you’re wondering…they did cancel school in Oswego today.

Tom Tasselmyer


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