One Of The Big Ones

Yesterday we experienced near record warm temperatures but on this date in 1996 a storm moved in that produced one of Baltimore’s biggest snows.

The storm was a blockbuster that was spread out over three days. The first day produced the biggest snow with 15.8″ measured at BWI-Marshall. Wind gusts topped out at 39mph. More snow fell on January 8 & 9, adding 10.8″ of snow. High temperatures were in the upper 20s to around 30 degrees and lows were in the mid teens to around 20.

The storm total for snow over the 3 day period came to 29 inches on TV Hill, 32.8 inches at Owings Mills, 32.2 inches at Millers and 31.5 inches at Parkton.

On January 12 there was more snow. 6 inches was measured at BWI-Marshall and TV Hill, 8.4 inches at Owings Mills, 8.9 inches at Millers and 8 inches at Parkton.

This series of snow storms was followed by a warm streak with high temperatures in the 40s to near 60 degrees. On January 19, severe storms rolled across the area with wind gusts near 50 mph.

This all goes to prove that winter weather in the Mid Atlantic region can be quite variable and the normals and averages that we talk about are just part of the total picture.

John Collins


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