Warm, but not warmest, yet…

The Current streak of mild weather here in mid December has us scrambling for the Ye Olde Record Book to see if we have some rewriting to do. But alas, so far we have to report, there have been warmer stretches of mid December weather.

High temperatures for the next few days should be hanging around the low 60s, but the records are up around 70. Here are Baltimore’s record highs for the next 5 days:

Dec. 14th: 71 in 1929
Dec. 15th: 70 in 1971
Dec. 16th: 71 in 1971
Dec. 17th: 68 in 1984
Dec. 18th: 69 in 1984

As for the monthly temperature, we’ve got a way to go in that department too. The warmest December on record was back in 1931 with an average monthly temperature of 45.7. Through the first 13 days of December 2006 we are averaging 39.4. A few more days with highs in the 60s will get that average up over 40, but a weak cold front forecast to move through here Friday, and a stronger one around the middle of next week, might put a lid on the average monthly temperature. More on a possible Christmas cool down later.

Tom Tasselmyer


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