Weekend Warmup

It has become evident this weekend that temperatures are moderating. We are a long way away from the record high of 75 degrees set on December 1 but but we are now recovering from the coldest temperatures of the month so far. The Friday high of 34 degrees is the coldest so far this month. Saturday we jumped into the low 40s for highs and it is expected to be about 10 degrees warmer on Sunday.

Exceptionally dry air has supported this shot of cold readings. Saturday & Sunday morning dewpoint temperatures dropped into the teens and single digits. The high pressure that is over the area will drift east and a persistent southwest flow help boost temperatures and increase moisture.

The storm track has been along the northern tier of states. The disturbances have been remnants of storms coming off the Pacific Ocean and most of the moisture was left behind in the mountains. The developing southwest flow will pump moisture from the Gulf of Mexico northward and eventually, all will come together as an increased rain chance for the middle of the week.

Long term forecasting is a risky business but I can’t resist the temptation to point out that some forecast models are pointing toward some sort of storm development around Christmas time. Every 6 hour forecast cycle comes up with a slightly different skew on this development and that is typical for potential events that are over 300 hours away. It is not something you want to hang your hat on but it is something to watch with interest over the next couple of weeks. John Collins


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