November Stats

With November 2006 in the books, here’s a quick look at the month at Baltimore’s weather station of record, BWI-Marshall airport:

Average High: 58.6
Average Low: 40.6
Average Temp: 49.6

Rain: 6.25″
Snow: 0

This will go in the books as a warm and wet November, averaging 4.1 degrees above normal with precipitation 3.13″ above normal. But, it was far from the warmest or wettest ever. The warmest November was back in 1931 (no talk of global warming back then!) when the average temperature was 54.7. The wettest November on record was in 1952 with 7.68″ of precipitation.

This morning it feels like December is picking up where November left off, but a strong cold front is about to change that. At 8am the front was moving through western Ohio where the temperature had dropped to 36 at Toledo, while Cleveland, just a short drive east on the turnpike, was still 55. Showers and thunderstorms will be possible as the front moves east of the mountains with winds possibly gusting over 50 mph. So bring in the loose objects and, if you did some early season decorating, tighten up those Christmas lights and wreaths so they don’t end up down the street…December is on the way! Tom T.


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